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A Singular Truth

A Singular Truth

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"A Singular Truth" The Hidden Art of Creation & Teachings of Ascended Masters
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Customer Reviews

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Chris Gillera

I never received this book. It still says it’s in Dallas, tx

My apologies for the delay on the book. For some reason it has been sitting at the postal Distribution Center for some time. My team should have caught and corrected it. My team is shipping a new book today and I will monitor it personally to ensure that you receive it. In addition to this, I will give you a few of my digital products for free for your troubles. If you have any other concerns, contact me directly at

-Soul Immortal

Walk in the newness of life

10 years ago while living my spiritual journey (common belief system) a thought dropped in my head that took me on a crazy journey of back and forth, sleepless nights, and bouts of cognitive dissonance… what’s was the thought….”Everything that you need in life was giving to you a birth. Create your own path - quit praying for one to be found”.

$h!T !!!!! I’m crying now typing this message, these are tears of relief and joy. Reading this book gave me my answers to why the creator dropped that thought into my subconscious mind 10 years ago. The book has given me the courage to walk my path no longer with squinted eyes… but with eyes proudly launched wide open!!!

I have read hundreds of books in the last 20 years…I can’t recall the last time any have made me cry as much as this book did. I connected with my true self…the one that has been waiting on me.

Get this book!!!, your true self is patiently waiting on you. Peace and Blessings on the journey.

Truly a great read!

I’m only on chapter 12 and the book basically gives a deeper insight the further I read . Soul really delivered his message and understanding a must read for every person that’s at a fork in the road spiritually.

Adam Pittman

I've read the book twice so far and each time find more pertinent info than before. The book is completely transfomative. I truly thank Soul for his time and dedication in writing this book for me and others like me who truly wish to elevate.


Excellent book on the steps needed to become your better self.