What To Expect From 'A Singular Truth'


Arlandus Chimney

"Soul Immortal has dedicated his life to shining this light on everyone that he can...I am a major fan of his work"


Korresha Maat

"A Singular Truth is one of my Top 5 consciousness expanding books I've read in the last 3 years. The wisdom contained inside of it challenges you to awaken your own inner wisdom..."

Avid Traveler

Richard McCool

"The price tag on this book should be $1,000 per copy...cheat codes for life..."

Uncover The Truth

Why do you think the prophets and Ascended Masters of the
past were hunted and crucified? They were not amongst those that robbed,
killed, or committed other heinous crimes... so why were they such a threat? It
was because they were teaching something that would change the mind of man the moment
he heard it. Information that would free him from the prison of collective
consciousness and grant him the ability to create whatever world that he
desired. -Soul