Soul Immortal

Soul Immortal is an American Author, Content Creator, and Founder
of the worldwide order known as The Power Circle. His mission is to decipher
the many mysteries of life and to uncover the powers associated with finding Self.
From walking the desert sands of Giza to climbing the sacred mountains of South
Africa, Soul has exchanged knowledge with wise men on many corners of the globe
in order to gain what is needed to restore the minds of the masses. By tapping
into Universal Mind, he explores the deepest reservoirs of what there is to
know in order to wake those that are sleep and to free them from the prison
walls that they are unable to see.

Soul’s Work:

In The Manifestation Masterclass “The
Soul discusses the fundamentals of creation. The Recipe has helped
thousands attract the perfect spouse, leave their careers for entrepreneurship,
and heal themselves from many forms of trauma.


In “The Beautiful Faces of Evil” Soul discusses the
deadly grasp of the Proverbs 5 woman. Based on true events, Soul shares
how many men have altered and lost their lives due to poor decisions with Toxic
women. In this documentary Soul gets extremely personal and discusses in detail
how this hit home. Dr. Veronica Chimney states… “This is a MUST watch for
all men.”


In “The Path” Soul discusses the 4 phases of man’s
evolution. There are sacrifices associated with finding freedom and living life
on your own terms. Soul breaks down what to expect and what must be done to
achieve that freedom.